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Unknown Male

Westminister United Church The Pas Aurora Photo Number 21

westminister church.png
band on Fisher 1955.png

The Pas Manitoba June 10 1955  Unknown Parade

Aurora The Pas 1956 #8

Ernest Jebb receives "The Cup" and cheque for $1000 on arrival

ernest jebb recieving the cup 1956.png
The Parade 1956.png

Festival Parade 1956 Aurora Studios #9


Trappers Festival at the ice palace

trappers fest ice palace.png
Pat Campbell dog winner.png

Winner of The Pas Derby 1933 to Chicago Pat Campbell

Sacred Heart School, 1st Ave The Pas

red brick school.png
Lav motel.png

La Verendrye Motel Gordon Ave The Pas

Lake Scene The Pas District

lake scene Williamson photo.png
Bus Driver.png

Unknow Location, Unknown Driver. Manitoba Motor Transit Company

Manitoba Motor Transit was based in Brandon, Manitoba. It was previously known as Northern Manitoba Motor Bus Company which was based in Dauphin, Manitoba until 1933

Phil Geiler had relocated his bus company from Dauphin to Brandon in 1933 to begin a rapid expansion of service and being the first operator to transport passengers inter-provincially into Manitoba from Flemming, Saskatchewan. His company primarily served southwestern Manitoba and had pioneered service into the north reaching The Pas, Flin Flon and Thompson from Brandon.

The assets of Manitoba Motor Transit were purchased by Grey Goose Bus Lines in 1969.

Man with trout outside post office.png

Man with large trout outside post office. Truck has the words Carpenter Clearwater Lake Lodge Number 706 on reverse.  In speaking to the family the man has been identified as Eric Carpenter

parade boys with bikes and car.png
Photo of Sacred Heart Cathedral being built.png

Photo of Sacred Heart Cathedral being built. Note old Hospital in background.  The church was dedicated in September 1922

It is a Manitoba Historical Site

Screenshot (508).png

Image location today

Screenshot (507).png

Unknown parade on Ross Ave The Pas. Identifiable buildings is the Cold Lake House  ( building with balcony)

Cold Lake House today

Fisher Ave The Pas. (photo) This would be looking north from the corner of Third.  Note the flag flying over the post office on the far right.Just before the post office you can make out the Lyric Theater.  Also note Guymer funeral home on the left

Fisher Ave The Pas.png
Old Snowmachine photo.png

Photo of Old snowmobile no location noted but from the dress of the man on the left this could be at Trappers Festival in The Pas

Fisher Ave showing Union Supply, CPR Air.png

Fisher Avenue showing Union Supply, CPR Airways, Comfort Station and Cambrian Hotel (photo)

People in front of Provincial Building.png

Unknown people near Provincial Building

Christ Church number 19 Aurora.png

Christ Church as seen from the north east (Devon Island) Aurora Studios

Birds Eye view of The Pas showing Hospital.png

Birds eye view of The Pas showing Hospital

men with plane.png

Unknown group of men with plane, unknown location not posted B66 on back. Perhaps Manitoba Government Airways as this postcard has similar people as a previous postcard (page 1)

Unknow Men recieving award.png

Unknow men receiving award?

family group .png

Unknown Family

Trappers Festival 1952 Native Jig Dancing number 8.png

Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival 1952

Native Jig Dancing  #8

Sandy Monias 2.png

Chief Pello Ross, Samuel McKay, Sandy Monias  Unknown location

Sandy Monias Chief Pello Ross Samuel McKay

Sandy Monias et al.png
Miss Brandon.png

Miss Brandon Card number 8 Unknown Location

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